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My Year of Hope

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't written in quite a while. I've been working on an article for a magazine that has yet to be named because I honestly don't know where it will fit. This year I hope to see my family face-to-face and go home to have a visit.

I feel like I kind of made history because on January 6th, I was one of the lucky ones who got their first COVID shot. So far, there have been no side effects with me. I'm virtually crossing my fingers.

I have a lot coming down the pipeline this year. I'll leave some surprises, though; I won't tell you them all in this blog post, but I will tell you that on February 24th, I will be live with Domo Jones, who is a radio host based in California. I will be mostly talking about my writing career and how it has affects my disability. In case you want to listen to any of her shows, here's the link: Don't Let The Disability Fool You.

As I do every year, I think we should wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start. Share your exciting 2021 pursuits in the comments, please. We all could use some positive news.

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