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I think I'll get some Ink part 2

For my thirty-seventh birthday, my family got me a lasting gift that I’ll treasure forever. After thinking about it for over a year, my sister and I ventured to Gas Town on February 17th to get my second tattoo. What an adventure we had! Thank you Nate for doing a beautiful job with my butterfly and book tattoo combining the three loves of my life. I had another friend draw some sketches for me and then I let Nate work his artistic Magic on my right arm. I can’t believe how well it turned out. After my tattoo, my sister also caught the tattoo bug and got what we swear is rosemary, but Nate swears it’s original. Afterwards, our stomachs were grumbling so we went to the Cambie Street pub to eat, have a beer and be entertained. We ordered nachos and $4 beer. I had a Dino Sour beer which lived up to its name and my sister and I dug into the nachos like it was our last meal on earth. I think I'll be seeing more of Nate in the not-so-distant future hehehehe

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