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Guest Spot for Writing

Updated: Jan 29

Good morning everyone,

Just Say Play

I have a passion for the written word and audiobooks. I am a freelance writer who has been writing since I was sixteen, and I have written three children's books. A year and a half ago, I had the privilege of being published in "Reviewed" USAToday.

I was wondering how I could combine my two loves, which are writing and reading books. So here is my idea; I would love to do a guest column and perhaps in the future a monthly column. I believe this would be a good opportunity to expand your magazine. I think having an audiobook section within that segment would be brilliant. My idea could expand your readership exponentially. Audiobooks are a big convenience for most people, and back in 2021, 45% of all Canadians listened to an audiobook. (Booknet Canada, 2022) And more than 55 million Americans listen to audiobooks each year. (EdisonResearch, 2015) This growing surge towards audiobooks would lead to a popular audiobook column. If we employ affiliate links to these reviewed audiobooks, you should be able to increase your revenue. 

Ever since I was a little kid my mum and dad took me to the library to pick up audiobooks. Why audiobooks? Because I have cerebral palsy and have limited use of my hands, I cannot turn pages. Therefore, audiobooks have been a real godsend. I have always dreamed of having a local column in my paper about audiobooks, and the reader buys the book according to my recommendation. While I buy my audiobooks from Google Play, if you’re trying to save money you can always borrow the audiobook from the library. Currently, the platform I receive my books from is Google Play. Although Audible is another excellent choice for books as well. I find it easy and convenient to stop and start the books through voice-activated technology. 

I hope this proposal works for you. I can't wait to get started. 

If you know of anyone please contact me via email.

Happy Chinese New Year

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