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The Musical Christmas Card

Please don't read this if you are a part of my immediate family, because nobody likes a spoiler.

For all you nostalgic fans, here's a Christmas story I will always remember.

In the year 1993/1994, a little boy and his dad ventured out into the snow to buy a Christmas present for his mom. Little did the boy know that the Christmas card he'd buy would survive three decades and three big moves. This Christmas card depicted a poinsettia and played white Christmas whenever you opened the card. Little hands opened the card so many times that the card is now sadly void of a tune. And I don't know where the card is or even if it exists. I can't even be sure of the song that plays that's how quickly memories fade, as fast as the snow melts.

In 2022, the little boy's father tried to put a watch battery into the card, so the song could be enjoyed once more. However, he ripped the card and it became unrepairable.

However, I have the memory of this once beautiful card imprinted on my mind forever. I don't know the present the little boy got to go along with this card. I only know it took his allowance to buy this card for his mom. And up until last year, the mom had this card on her washstand on display even though this card did not make a sound. It's amazing the little things we remember all through our lives at Christmas time especially.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

P.S. That little boy is forty years old now and with kids of his own. My niece and nephew will never get the joy of hearing White Christmas from this family heirloom ever again.

Picture credit to: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

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