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Margaritas, Magnolias, and Friendship

Get out your tortilla chips and salsa and watch my new favourite show, "Sweet Magnolias," on Netflix, based on the book series of the name by Sherryl Woods It all centers around the town of Serenity, North Carolina. Three girlfriends have grown up together; Helen Decatur, Dana Sue Sullivan and Maddie Townsend. They are nicknamed the Sweet Magnolias, but their lives are anything but sweet.

There's a lot of drama and heartbreak, plus twists and turns that I didn't even see coming. Through it all, all these three friends are steadfast and loyal. There are only two seasons, but I hope they renew it for a third season because I want to see what happens to the three women. For now, raise your margarita glass and take a sip, and enjoy every moment of this show. And as they say on each margarita night, "pour it out," which means let the shit hit the fan.

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