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Authors Note

I have to apologize to all my fans and family members, for not keeping up on my promise for not writing blogs on a regular basis. But I've been kind of busy lately. I've been reading lots of books, listening to podcasts and and working on an essay that you will soon see in the cerebral palsy newsletter or on this website. I have also been working on a secret, well not so secret now, project with my friend Megan, which will be out god knows when; because I want to get an actual publisher to pick it up and read it when it's finished. There has also been a lot of changes in my family as I alluded to in a previous blog post. So there is me in a nutshell.

As always I'm growing as a writer and an author, but I will never be the perfect author or the perfect writer, because you always grow and change.

Please if you see something you like or don't like on my blog post or website please don't hesitate to tell me. OR if you think there is a tool out there I can use that would help me improve as a writer please let me know, leave a comment below.


Jillian Bleackley.

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