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Author's Note


I'm Jillian Bleackley. I wrote three of my five books entirely on a voice-activated computer. Now, you may think that's hilarious- how could someone be a writer without using their hands, but when you have a disability, as I do, you learn different ways to adapt and work around challenges and adversity.

My whole goal in creating this website is to showcase my portfolio of work and to also show that just because you're up against challenges doesn't mean you can't achieve your goals!

Of course, having a sense of humour about life helps a heck of a lot too.

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Literary Works So Far...

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books please let me know by filling out my contact form below! I 

I have limited quantities of each. Thank you for your support!


Reflections is a collection of free-verse poetry written entirely on a voice-activated computer and it reflects the thoughts and feelings of a young adolescent. 

Reflections, 2003

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