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Yes I am Vain

A few days ago I was scrolling through my email and as I scrolled I came across a challenge from the BC Cerebral Palsy Association, which is on for the whole month of June. Marco Pasqua requested the Challenge and I said in my head, “Yes, challenge accepted” What is the challenge? Making my town or community more wheelchair accessible. Specifically hair salons.

If you're in a wheelchair have you ever tried to get your hair washed/cut/dyed and your chair wouldn't reach the sink because their sink isn't adjustable? What do you do then? Go home in soaking wet clothes as if you've had a second shower. Here is my proposal if somebody would buy an adjustable sink, I would be your loyal customer for life.

One of the negatives to getting your hair done without an adjustable sink is; getting everything from my chair to my clothes wet. I can tilt my chair only so far, and the sink only goes up so far, and of course, I am unable to transfer out of my chair into their salon chair. So I'm left with a conundrum of all conundrums, what do I do if I want to cut or dye my hair? Do I pay a large sum to have someone come to me when I am on disability services? Or do I go to a salon and get a second shower lol If you're reading this and you think you can help me solve my hair problem, please email me and leave a comment. I I just want to feel pampered and pretty like everyone else who is able-bodied. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to my hair appointment hahaha

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