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What's Your Favorite Christmas Snack?

Now that we are entirely wrapped up in the Christmas season, pardon the pun, I find myself looking at the plate of goodies that my parents brought me from home and wondering which I should try first. These fantastic jelly candies are basically jello, apple sauce, and sugar. They will most definitely give you cavities if you eat too many!

They are red, green and delicious, also perfect for the festive season.

My next favourite is shortbread dipped in chocolate, and of course, the one I can't forget momma's homemade fudge. Of course, any of these snacks will make you want more, but which one do you leave out for Santa? That's up to you, but I guarantee you won't find anything but a few crumbs in the morning. Oh, and don't forget to add the eggnog!

Happy holidays everyone!

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