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Crosswords, Candy and Childhood Memories

Now that the weather is getting chillier here in British Columbia, I thought I would reflect back on my week spent up at Shuswap Lake in Celista. It was a different experience from when I was five years old because we had three generations of family all sharing one cabin, and a new puppy who had to stay on the front porch.

We had one day of rain, which didn't stop the fun of crosswords, swimming, and watching Venom. I treated my niece and nephews to 31 dollars worth of candy and we had late nights of eating on the deck and mostly chatting about what we would do the next day. Before I knew it, the week had flown by!

Thanks for the memories, Bleackley and Mitchell families, also to the Dirkson family (sorry if I misspelled your name!) If only life could be the pace that it was up at that cabin. As usual, I invite you to tell me your travel stories here or anything else you would like to comment on.

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