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Coffee Date Without The Coffee

Yesterday was International Women's Day and I could not let it go by without recognizing one of the funniest, kindest, women in my life. She wasn't there from the beginning, but she helped me through my last two years of high school and we shared a lot of laughs and a lot of inside jokes. Yes, Julia Hiebert, this one is for you.

Yesterday we were on a Messenger video chat and I wished that I could reach through the screen and hug her so badly. I just wanted to recognize her as one of the influential women in my life. There are so many I count on in my day-to-day life, but Julia is one of a kind. Not only is she a kick-ass friend, but she's also a great mother and wife.

Her wit is undeniable. She can make me laugh when I simply want to cry. Okay, enough gushing. I don't want to make you literally cry, Julia, I just wanted to recognize you for all the good you have brought to my life.

Your friend always, Jillian.

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