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Book Nook: The Selection

Updated: May 21, 2020

As I have a lot of time on my hands, as I referred to in my last post, I've been reading a lot of books on my Google Mini. One of them is the following book.

It tells the story of America Singer who is the central character in this page-turning novel set in the future. The Selection is about a family whose daughter is placed into a lottery and finds herself picked by a prince to be one of 37 girls, and eventually is picked to go to the palace. Each girl comes from a district, making this book much like The Hunger Games series, in my opinion, but different in other ways that I will not spoil. It's actually a lot like The Bachelor, since the contestants are pitted against each other.

This book was also a page-turner for me. I finished it two days. I hope you enjoy The Selection as much as I did. I'm currently reading The Elite, which is the second book that follows The Selection. My sister told me to slow down on this one. She says that Google Mini books are not cheap.

Since writing this post, I have finished the third installment of this series called The One. I'm not sure my sister will let me go on Audible again! Lol!

Check out all of Kiera Cass' books here!

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