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Book Nook: If At Birth You Don't Succeed

Updated: May 19, 2020

Over the Mother's Day weekend, I had the pleasure, and the time to read a very inspirational and hilarious book by sit down, yes I said sit down comedian Zach Anner. His book is called If At Birth You Don't Succeed. If you've never heard of him, just type his name into YouTube, and I think you'll see what I mean. He rose to fame by winning the heart of Oprah and millions of fans on Oprah's "Search for the Next TV Star" and was awarded his own travel show on the OWN network. This travel show took Zach to very interesting places, and in Chapter 2 of his book, his sense of humour hooks the reader to the very last page. He describes actually crapping his pants on his first day of shooting. I should also say Zach Anner and I have some things in common-- not that I ever crapped my pants... We have other things in common. The first one being he has cerebral palsy, but like me, that doesn't deter him from doing most anything. I also have something else in common with him. I share a name with his girlfriend Gillian, except hers is spelled with a "G," and mine is spelled with a "J." Unfortunately, I don't play the harp like she does, but I can write and express myself in other ways, and we're both stunningly beautiful. Anyway, the only criticism I have about this book is that my sister found it for my Google Mini for $26 CND. Its regular price was $36 CND. I usually don't spend that much on a book, but I figured that it was going to be really funny so I spent the money on ten hours of listening enjoyment. Zach Anner inspires me because if he can go to Berlin, Germany, on an electric wheelchair and meet Oprah twice, I figure I can do it too. We share one more thing in common: We want to inspire people from all over the world. Well, you've done it, Zach. Thank you! I hope to meet you someday. Chew bubblegum and kick ass, an check out If At Birth You Don't Succeed here!

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