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A Helping Hand

When I think of a caregiver, I think of someone who helps me with my physical and daily needs, but I ask my readers this question as well - what do you think when you hear that question? I'll tell you my reasoning for bringing this up in just a second, but please indulge me these few minutes.

For 35 years I have had one constant caregiver in my life. Her name is Sandy Bleackley. For those of you who don't know her, she is my mother and she has cared for me in more ways than one. She literally feeds me, bathes me, dresses me and she - as my cousin says, is the wind beneath my wings to quote a Bette Middler song.

Yes, this blog is about you, mom, and it's high time that I said "thank you". For all the times I didn't say thank you, this is my time to say that I really appreciate you as a caregiver, my mother, and a friend most of all.

When I was growing up, she was the one who would fight with my hair to get it looking just so for school pictures. She was the one who sat for hours helping me with math homework when nobody else had the time or patience. Thank you for teaching me that virtue, mom.

I know that Mother's Day has passed but I felt the need to pay tribute to you today, so this one is for you.

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