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A COVID Christmas- Not As Bad As You Might Think

When I was a little girl, my brother would carry me downstairs when everybody else was asleep on Christmas morning. We would stare up at the tree and wonder what Santa brought for us.

One year, my brother opened one of his presents and taped it shut so my parents wouldn't know. It was a cell phone. He didn't get away with it because my parents saw the new tape on Christmas morning.

Another Christmas tradition I loved was the Advent candle we used to have on our table. We used to fight over who got to put it out with the snuffer. We used to get super excited when it got down to the 24th because we knew that St. Nick was coming soon. Those are just some of the precious memories that I have carried with me. Because of COVID, unfortunately, I will not be able to celebrate the holidays in person with my family like many of us.

I can still celebrate and make new memories with my family at Rudd House. Perhaps we will order takeout, sit and laugh and joke about the holidays past. We can also open presents from our families. They can drop off the gifts but not come inside. I made a deal with my friend Paul. He must spend the holidays with me because he can't spend the holidays with his seven children and eight grandchildren. He lives here at Rudd House.

Don't get me wrong; this Christmas will still be festive. There still are the Christmas carols, the cheesy Christmas movies, and that same feeling in the air of joy, but somehow it's muted with the thought of COVID and not spending Christmas with my family.

Have no fear! Skype is here! I will schedule a Skype date with my family and get to see my niece and nephews' faces as they open up their gifts. If you have any Christmas traditions or memories you would like to share; please share them here.

Merry Christmas!!

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