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X Marks The Spot

Choices: we make them every day. Big ones, small ones. We make choices even though we don't realize we're making them, such as what we're going to wear in the morning, or what we eat when we're in a hurry. Then, we have the choices that are made for us, such as the name we get when we are born, birth order, and who our siblings are.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I believe that every choice we make has an impact on our lives. On October 21st we, as Canadians, have yet another one to make. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, because that's your personal choice, lol! However, I do believe that everyone should exercise their right to vote.

Federal elections are a pretty big deal and are only held every four years. Voting gives you the right to choose who is in power and have your voice heard. Even though it may be a small voice, you have the power to change the leader of your country and I challenge those people who are my age to go out and vote because you won't get your voice heard if you don't vote. I dislike those people who complain about the government but, when you ask them if they voted, they say "no".

That's why when I turned 18, I was really excited because I was finally voting age, so on October 21st please go out and vote.

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