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My Memorable Teachers

Perhaps it’s the weather or the fact that it’s almost the end of the school year that’s got me reminiscing about my time in school. I coincidentally ran into my Kindergarten teacher yesterday and today’s blog post is about my five favorite teachers, if I can narrow it down.

My first memorable teacher was named Arlene Kropp, who saw potential in me from the very beginning. She said that my voice would be the key to my future. Boy, was she right, as I am still trying to find my voice in the literary sense.

My second favorite teacher was named Kuldeep Gill. She was actually my first university professor who helped me hone my craft one summer and made me a better poet and writer all around. Unfortunately, she passed away, but I wish I could talk to her right now and just whisper “thank you” in her ear.

My third memorable teacher was Julia Hiebert, who actually was my T.A. (Teaching Assistant). Due to the grueling and unpleasant parts of eleventh and twelfth grades, my parents and I decided to home-school me for my last two years of high school. I lucked out with Julia. She is an angel sent directly from heaven. She made me laugh and still does to this day. We tend to get together every once in a while to chat about life in general. Thank you, Julia! You will never know how much those two years shaped me into the person that I am.

My fourth favorite teacher was Don MacDonald. If it wasn’t for him I would not have passed eighth and ninth grade Math. He was also my Resource Room teacher, which meant that when I had a spare block during the day, I would go to his class to do homework with my T.A.s. Sometimes I would even get an extra Math lesson from him. For some reason, he made Math easier to understand- and dare I say it- fun!

My fifth and final memorable teacher was Sam Morrison, who brought laughter and music into my life. He also taught sixth grade. He always had a jovial smile and an encouraging word to say whenever I was feeling not so great about myself. He was big and boisterous. He loved music, and when I turned twelve years old my whole entire class sang “Happy Birthday” to me at the request of Sam.

For all those teachers I didn’t mention, it doesn’t mean you were any less of a teacher. I just don’t have all day to sing your praises. If anyone out there reading my blog cares to tell me the story of their favorite teacher, please go ahead in the comments.

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