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Willy Plumbottom And Seventeen Believers

A few months ago, I had the honor and the privilege to speak to a kindergarten class about writing. They were very patient and curious about me. They asked how I write, and one little girl said "it's like magic", because I explained to the class how my computer works.

The teacher asked what their favorite part of The Elf Apprentice was, and each of them raised their hands and said a different answer. Then, we went through seventeen writing books which were imperfect masterpieces created by little hands.

Every adult is probably sick of hearing about elves because of the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, and that is what the kids most wanted to show me. They wanted to talk about what their elves did. Some of them said they were in the sugar bowl, and some of them said that they got into the toilet paper. You can imagine what came next! I interjected and said that Willy might have put them up to that because he is full of mischief! The kids also sang me song about Santa that they made up.

Then, we talked about Willy the elf, and his shenanigans in The Elf Apprentice. One of them liked the part where Willy put vinegar in the punch, and another said they loved when the elves put the Christmas lights in the freezer. Some of them liked when Calvin got reprimanded for taking the sleigh out when he wasn't supposed to.

My point in writing this blog is to show you how seventeen little angels made my morning. It reminded me of a time when I knew that Santa was real and the world was a magical place.

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