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The Perfect Fit

I have always been envious of my friends with the cute boots, or those high sandals that I could never get on my feet; the latest shoes that always seem to be in style. Well, thanks to a company in Seattle called Billy Feet, I do not have to be jealous anymore.

Who knew with a what a simple zipper could do, along with somebody's brilliant mind? Thanks to the guys at Billy Feet, I can wear a normal shoe and be comfortable at the same time. My parents and caregivers do not have to struggle with putting shoes on me on a daily basis.

The design of the shoe is simple; the zipper allows the shoe to fully open up and you just place your foot in the shoe. The variety of colors and styles is endless. They even have a camouflage shoe. You do have to measure your foot before you order these shoes, and you can learn how to do that through a simple online video that you can find on their website.

You would think these shoes would cost an arm and a leg, but they didn't. For less than 100 Canadian dollars you can have your own pair. These shoes are made of canvas and the laces are made of cotton. The soles are rubber and for me, they'll never wear out because my power chair does the walking for me. I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year, thanks again to Billy Feet!

Before, I would have to take my shoes off during the day because they would hurt my feet, but I can keep the Billy Feet on all day long. I chose the red classic shoe because I like the bright color and it matches plenty of clothes in my wardrobe.

I live with eleven other physically disabled adults. The Care Aids are amazed at how simple and easy these shoes are to take on and off. I would go so far as to say that I love these shoes, and my Care Aids would agree!

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