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Excuse Me While I Chase Down A Food Truck

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm now a food truck convert.

Last Thursday I got to experience a food truck for the very first time. Now, you may be thinking, "where have you been living? Food trucks are the best things on earth." I have to admit, at first when I saw the food truck's mac and cheese served in a takeaway container I was skeptical to taste it. From the first bite I was hooked.

Let's back up and talk about the history of the modern food truck movement. The first actual food truck was a covered wagon that sold sandwiches, pie, and coffee to journalists in 1872. Today's food trucks are definitely more popular and more scrumptious.

I experienced that myself from The Gourmet Mac 'N Cheese food truck that I ate from last Thursday. I had the mac and cheese with Chorizo sausage in it, which gave it a nice, smoky flavor. I look forward to my next food truck experience, which is any minute now. I gotta run! Catch you next time.

What's your favorite food truck? Please tell me your delicious or awful stories below in the comments section.

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