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The Great Misadventure That Became An Adventure

A normal family get-together with my adorable nephews turned into a misadventure last Wednesday. We planned to go to the movies to take in a kids show, but when we got there and realized we could not all sit together in the movie theater, that's when a monkey wrench got thrown into our plans.

My sister, the ever-outspoken, loving person that she is, had a few choice words- which I won't repeat- for the manager of the movie theater. I won't disclose the name of said theater. The crux of the issue was that I would have had to sit by myself and forgo popcorn and a drink instead of watching the movie with my family, and enjoying the snacks.

Right then and there, I was upset that I was in a wheelchair and that I had to jump through yet another hoop just to do a normal thing like go to the movies, but all was not lost. We decided to make lemonade out of lemons and teach the boys a lesson about accessibility and inclusivity. My sister even said, "Frasier, if you become an architect you can build a theater that includes everybody's needs."

After a disappointing trip to the movies, we wound up at London Drug, but then we had a great idea. We decided to save our money and walk the few short blocks to the art museum, where they were showing an mixed media exhibit called "Wind". I really don't know how much the boys enjoyed the "Wind" exhibit. I learned a thing or two about the weather and wind. When we were hungry we had shawarma and baklava at a very good Greek place. In the end, the boys were happy that they got to try a new kind of food and I was happy that they were happy. I even said to the boys, "see, sometimes the greatest adventures are unplanned!" I hope I keep teaching them lessons like the one I taught them last Wednesday.

You're not going to always get what you want, but sometimes it turns out better than you thought it could.

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