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The Drama Teacher And The Storyteller

When I say "Drama Teacher" most people who know me know that I'm referring to my lovable, loud, eccentrically creative sister Lindsay. I have been fortunate to know her for thirty-two years, and she has been there though thick and thin like most sisters, but she's also one of my best friends. As e.e. cummings wrote, "I carry your heart within my heart".

My sister and I have experienced some pretty cool things together. We have been up in a helicopter. We have gotten tattoos together and I've witnessed her say her marriage vows. We have cried together, but mostly, we have hysterically laughed at this crazy thing called life, and she one of the most amazing people I know. As she turns another milestone over- I won't tell you which milestone it is- I will be there to party and to hopefully make some sweet but hilarious memories.

She has always wanted to be an actress on Broadway, but when Steven Spielberg didn't call, she dedicated herself to becoming a professional teacher and got her Master's Degree in Drama. I will always remember her when she played Little Orphan Annie in the tenth grade, and when she portrayed Sandy from Grease in the twelfth grade. Now, she directs plays and helps mold young minds to become the people that they're supposed to be.

She's a go-with-the-flow, spur-of-the-moment person; which I am not. I have to have a plan for everything. When she became a mother, I thought this would slow her down but boy was I wrong! She keeps up with the boys- or should I say, the boys keep up with her!

Thanks for the amazing memories and here's to many more in the future. Okay, I've gotta go before I get all sappy! Love you Lindsay!

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