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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It has become our tradition at Rudd House to watch a minor league baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium. We have lucked out three years in a row. We have managed to get tickets to the Vancouver Canadians, which happen to be the farm team for the Toronto Blue Jays.

There's just something about eating a hot dog, popcorn or peanuts at the diamond that you can't beat. I relish the time I get to hang out with my friends at the game. Even though we are six people in wheelchairs we all feel like part of the action. I normally don't watch baseball on TV because it's just not the same as sitting on the Hayall Porch and screaming as your team hits a home run- all the while, being terrified you're going to get hit with the ball.

Maybe I should back up and give you a little history about the Vancouver Canadians. They came from Sacramento to Vancouver after doing a stint in California. The stadium was named after restaurateur Nat Bailey, who founded the chain "The White Spot" and was a champion of baseball in Vancouver.

Fast forwarding, this latest game was a night game and we got to experience the stadium at night. It was unfortunate for us, we didn't get to experience the fireworks because they were on a different night, but we got to experience baseball nonetheless.

I hope this tradition continues for years to come. Go, Canadians, go!

PS- by the way, we won 7 to 5!

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