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Sweet November

For today's post I wanted to blog about one of my favorite months, which is November. Why is it my favorite month, you may ask? Because I always think of the leaves crunching beneath my tires, the leaves changing color, and the anticipation of the Christmas season. I cannot believe there's already Christmas movies on TV. I know I'll be sick of them by December 25th.

One of the things I like doing in November is curling up with a good audio book and not appearing until dinnertime at my parents' house. I enjoy the feeling of warmth and escape the audio books provide me. I often imagine that I am a bear hibernating for hours and hours while the books transport me to other worlds. That being said, audio books can do the reverse as well, because the right or wrong reader can totally make or break the book for me. I sometimes wonder, why did they choose the reader that they did?

Maybe it's just the anticipation of the holiday season, but strangers tend to seem a little bit friendlier and a bit more generous.

Now that I've rambled on about my favorite season, tell me what your favorite season is and why!

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