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My Everyday Superhero

When you think of a superhero, you probably think of Superman, Batman or Spiderman; but what about those everyday heroes such as policemen or firemen?

When I think of my everyday superhero, one man in my life comes to mind. He has physically carried me up and down stairs and helped me through rough patches- literally and figuratively. He is only four years older than me, but he has taught me to have a sense of humor about life- the grosser the better. If you don't know who this person is, it's my brother Joe, who I admire. Even though he's only 5'11'', he could be six feet tall. I really look up to him.

I love his locker room sense of humor and I love the way he teases me and treats me like a normal sister, because that's just what I am. I also consider him one of my best friends. I hope one day I can find someone with some of the qualities or attributes that he possesses.

Okay, that's enough. I've gotta go before I get all sappy again.

Keep your head held high, Joe because I am still looking up to you. Thanks for always being there to catch me when I fall, and continue doing that because I always need your support. Even though I know you're busy with a family of your own I know that you're always silently cheering me on from the sidelines.

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