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How I Created The Jellybean Perspective

In 2003 I was at camp for a week in the summer. It was called LIT, which means Leader In Training, and all of the leaders in training were in wheelchairs with various disabilities. The younger kids that we had to inspire and work with had disabilities as well.

We all had to come up with a project to show to our assigned groups, so I came up with "The Jelly Bean Perspective" while I was literally staring into a bowl of jelly beans and not feeling so great.

Each bean has a different aspect to it that makes it special. I wanted to inspire and work with my group, so what better motivation than candy? LOL!

The yellow bean of happiness reminds you to shine your light and be happy, because I believe that we all have that light inside of us. We just need to share it with the world. Just by sharing my simple smile is how I spread the yellow bean of happiness.

The orange bean spreads positive vibes. I don't like negativity and naysayers. Whenever anybody says that I can't do something, I tend to prove them wrong. Everybody needs positive vibes, especially when they are going though a rough time. I wouldn't say that I'm hardcore religious, but I do believe in spirituality and positive thinking, which is the essence of the orange bean.

The green bean can funktify you! I love funky people- and by funky I mean original, free-spirited, unique personalities and people who do not care what others think. The green bean, I believe, is the brightest of them all. Don't ever be afraid to be yourself because that's when others will respect and gravitate towards you.

The red bean is all about love and patience. My philosophy behind the red bean is to love yourself first but respect other people's space. Don't be afraid to open yourself up to the opportunity of love and experience the ride. The red bean of love is hard to explain, but it essentially means to give people personal space and then they will let you into their heart.

The other side of the red bean is patience. I have learned considerable amounts of patience by being in a wheelchair. Not everything comes to you when you want it, but everything will come to you when you need it.

The black bean represents courage. I believe there are two types of people in the world; people who watch things happen and people who make things happen. It is only when you put your heart out on the line that I believe you impact real change. That is the only way people will know the real you.

My whole point in explaining the Jelly Bean Perspective comes down to one important question; "which attributes do you believe you possess?"

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