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Here's To Not Making A New Year's Resolution

That's right, people. It's that time of year where we make, or should I say break, our New Year's Resolutions. Most people break theirs after two weeks of depriving themselves of whatever they vowed to cut out or get rid of.

I've got a new idea. Why don't we vow to not make a resolution at all, and then we don't have to tell people why we broke it in the first place. The most common one is, of course, to lose weight. For those of you that have lost weight and managed to keep it off- props to you. I don't have your willpower.

I always break two weeks in because of the lure of a shortbread cookie or a leftover piece of fudge still on the dessert plate from three weeks earlier.

This blog was not meant to make you feel bad, and not meant to make you skip your resolutions. Not making New Year's Resolutions works for me, but it might not work for you. Do what makes you happy. That's a resolution we can all keep.

P.S. Perhaps we can make goals all year round instead of resolutions at the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!

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