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Blueberry Kindness

Updated: May 12, 2020

Since it's almost the festive season- meaning Christmas- I figured this blog post would fit perfectly with the time of year.

Several weeks ago, my nephew and my sister were at the store doing their usual grocery shopping. My nephew pointed out a homeless man who appeared to be cold and in need of something to eat. Keep in mind that my nephew is only six years old, so for him to observe this is actually kind of amazing.

He said, "mom, that man looks cold. Can we get him something to eat?" My sister was not quite sure what to say at this point. She eventually agreed and said "well, what would you like to buy him?" My nephew pointed to some blueberry muffins that were nearby and said, "what about those?" There were six muffins so one for almost every day that week.

They promptly paid for the muffins and my brave nephew went up to the stranger and presented him with the blueberry muffins. My sister and I could not believe the depth of compassion this little boy showed towards a stranger he didn't even know.

This story goes to show you that the little people in our lives can always surprise and amaze us. Please share your random acts of kindness at the end of this post, or feel free to write your own story on my blog comments page.

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