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Back To My Youth

I grew up in the age of boy bands and bubblegum pop. I remember the posters of my favorite

boy band spread on my wall, stuck with masking tape. My favorite Backstreet Boy was Brian Littrell. When everyone was crushing on Nick Carter, I was crushing on Brian. It must have been his smooth voice or dreamy looks that I was attracted to.

Fast forward twenty-some years and I got to relive a sweet part of my youth.

Last Saturday I got to take a ride down memory lane. I got to go see The Backstreet Boys with my two best girlfriends, who are also my sisters, for the third or fourth time- I don't know which. They sang all of their classics and snippets off of their DNA album.

I thought the concert was a blast from the past, and yet, I realized how much I have matured and grown up. The Backstreet Boys are in their 40s and 50s now, so I guess technically, they can't be called "boys" anymore, LOL!

I thought that the second half of the concert was way better than the first half. It was high-energy, non-stop fun!

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about accessibility for disabled people. I was shocked and a little perturbed at the amount of times people used the elevator at The Backstreet Boys concert who clearly, in my opinion, didn't need to. They kept pushing the button on the outside, preventing us from going to the fourth floor where our seats were. As a result, we missed the opening band. I don't know what was happening with the elevator- if it was because of all of the people taking it, or a malfunction with the elevator itself.

Even with the slight hiccup getting to our seats, I really enjoyed the experience of being able to see my favorite band from childhood.

Which music makes you nostalgic? Please leave it in the comments if you care to share.

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