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Willy Plumbottom''s Final Adventure

I am happy and sad to announce Willy Plumbottom and his friends' last adventure at the North Pole. The book is for sale starting now, up until Christmas 2021. The actual title of the book is called "Lost and Found at the North Pole". Last week I had the privilege to go out to Chilliwack B.C. in order to drop some books off for sale at Owl and the Cat Bookery. I'm really excited about this last installment, but also really sad because Willy Plumbottom and I have got to know each other really well these past six years as I have created worlds in which he has fumbled and flourished as an elf.

Lost and Found is full of the same humor and heartwarming stories as my other two books. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Elizabeth and I poured our hearts and souls into these two books. We hope your little ones enjoy this final installment. Don't worry; I'm still writing, it's just for older children now as we all need to grow and move on.

Willy Plumbottom will never be far away from my heart and every Christmas I hope you take out these books and re-read them over and over again. Thank you for your support.

Jillian Bleackley

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