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Things That We Thought We'd Never Grow Out Of

I have a confession to make. The following blog post isn't an original idea. I saw it on Facebook a few days ago, and it sparked some synapses in my brain. So I wondered who else would dare to answer this question and what interesting answers I would receive. But first, let me tell you my answer.

When I was a kid, on Friday nights at the end of the workweek, my family used to sit around the dinner table and gorge on Mickey D's. My meal of choice was, of course, and still is, the chicken nuggets. Let's be honest; I always loved the toy at the end of the meal because it was a surprise in each happy meal.

I never thought that I'd get sick of McDonald's, but now the thought of it makes my stomach queasy, and I always wonder, "why did I eat that." When I'm ravenous, it fills the gap as I have to make do with institutional food. My point in saying all of this is what things did you take for granted as an adult that you loved as a kid? Isn't it amazing how the kaleidoscope of life changes?

P.S. - Reader participation is required.

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