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My Playlist 9/3/2020

Last week I decided to treat myself to two new albums on my Google Mini. I was a little bit leery about downloading them both, but, as I am a music lover I was game to listen to these new albums and judge them fairly afterwards. I wasn't dissapointed.

The first album I bought was Folklore by Taylor Swift. Folklore is her eighth album. I'm proud to say that I'm a Swiftie, even though I don't own all of her albums. I don't really enjoy her singing voice, but there's something always niggling at me to find out what she is writing about. Of course, you can always find out what she's writing about by tracking her dating life. One song I really liked and connected with on this album is the first track, which is mellow and- in true Taylor Swift style- about love lost. I loved this album because it was basically back to her original roots, which I think as a writer, you can't go wrong with.

My mom says every one of her albums sounds the same, but I like to judge for myself so I leave it up to you- my readers and my listeners. Judge it for yourself.

The second album was Lady Gaga. Every song on this album could be an anthem. With a name like Chromatica, I was again a little scared, and not knowing where she was going to go with this album but she didn't disappoint me. Every song could be, and should be, an anthem. I especially like one of the tracks called Free Woman and another one of the tracks called Plastic Doll. It talks about her unwillingness to become a plastic doll.

I also like two other songs by another familiar artist named Katy Perry. Her latest album is called Smile, although I can't, for some reason, find the entire album on Google. Maybe it's not out yet, but I like two songs; Smile and Daisies.

As many of you know, I have recently become a Christian. As a result of that, I have found some very good faith-based singers. One of them is Jeremy Camp. I like his song Keep Me In The Moment. I think it's really poignant and really is appropriate for today and what the whole world is going through, because he talks about living for the moment. Another song that I like is Word Of Life by the same singer.

If you have any other music I should listen to, let me know and I'll put it in this category. I'm always looking for new content for my website. Thanks for reading, and for listening.

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